Spring’s Mingling – Tet’s Ringing Event 2024
Spring’s Mingling – Tet’s Ringing Event 2024

Spring’s Mingling – Tet’s Ringing Event 2024

Spring’s Mingling – Tet’s Ringing Event 2024

08/02/2024 10:47 pm Hanoi Toronto School

“The way home is in our hearts,
Through sun and rain, near and far.
Fame may rise or fall,
Yet home always awaits us…”
(A famous song about Tet in Vietnam)

On a chilly afternoon at the end of the Year of the Cat 2023, the cold wind couldn’t “cool down” the spirit of unity within the Hanoi Toronto School family during the Tet celebration. It was an opportunity for the HTS community to gather, enjoy the festive atmosphere, and immerse themselves in the cultural diversity of the school, with families coming from over 15 countries worldwide.

One of the highlights of this Tet Festival 2024 was the blending of diverse global cultures, from traditional dances of South Korea and India to Tet songs of Vietnam performed by international students in both English and Vietnamese. Each performance tightened the community bonds through exciting and vibrant displays.

The Tet festival was not just a day of celebration; it was a devoted effort from every teacher and student at HTS, aiming to showcase and preserve the richness and beauty of each their own cultures in Vietnam. Here, students were not merely participants; they were planners, performers, chefs, vendors, and genuine cultural ambassadors. The festival became a holistic cultural and educational experience, embracing life in its entirety.

Besides culturally rich performances, HTS also created experience stations showcasing Vietnamese culture, such as Dong Ho painting, making To He (traditional toys), Van Bong art, designing lucky money envelopes, and calligraphy. So, through each one of the cultural ambassadors, traditional Vietnamese culture would spread throughout the international community.

Mr. Pham Thanh Bien, the parent of Pham Phuong My Anh in class 1GO, shared: “Today, I felt the fantastic atmosphere created by HTS. The children have experienced many traditional cultural aspects, especially the unique Vietnamese culture, which is also a distinctive feature of our school. I hope that next year, there will be more activities maintained and developed so that the children can have even more experiences like today. Since we study in a modern environment, our children don’t often come into contact with traditional Tet culture, such as calligraphy, Dong Ho painting, making To He, and Lion dance.”

The event not only marked the end of the lunar year but also signaled the beginning of a new year, continuing HTS’s educational journey. In a school where teaching and learning are crucial, fostering community bonds, sharing cultures, and mutual respect are equally essential.