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Message from the Principal

Welcome to HTS! On behalf of Hanoi Toronto School (HTS) – an affiliated member of the global International Schools Partnership (ISP) educational network – I would like to send my warmest greetings to all parents and students!  

The goal of HTS and Our educators is to provide a conducive learning environment that will help your children grow and flourish both academically and socially; become successful Alpha generation and excellent leaders in the future. Our school culture embraces character development and values ​​that promote leadership, confidence, respect, strength, wisdom and integrity.

At HTS, students will be welcomed, accepted, included, supported, respected, and loved, all while being trained for future success. HTS students will have access to optimal developmental conditions, thanks to the experience of our staff and the implementation of advanced learning programs. The success of our students is the success of the school.  

As part of its efforts to support your children, the HTS Board of Education operates collaboratively to aid your children in developing their best possible personal and academic attributes. Our school values pride, excellence, and individuality. We are ready to collaborate with you to create the most outstanding learning experience for your child.  

Thank you for considering  HTS as the school of choice for your child. We encourage you to talk to our dedicated staff and community about our school and please feel free to ask questions. We are proud of our school and are always ready to support you in this important journey.

I would be delighted to have you and your family join HTS for an educational tour, during which you will discover how HTS would create opportunities, support, and lead your child towards success.

I invite you to come and experience our Amazing Learning!  

Best regards,

Janny Bui

Ms. Janny Bui
Founding Principal

I’m delighted to have you and your families join HTS for an educational tour, during which you will have the opportunity to find top-notch learning opportunities.

Message from the Deputy Principal & Head of International

Welcome to Hanoi Toronto School!   

I am John Slipachenko, the Deputy Principal and Director of the International here at Hanoi Toronto School. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with the students, parents, staff, and the wonderful community of HTS.  

As a Canadian professional who has made a long-term commitment to fostering academic excellence in Vietnam, I am embracing the future alongside my colleagues and you, the parents, who are our true partners in child development.    

There are many exciting things happening at HTS that will have a positive impact on student growth and achievement. As a veteran educator and administrator, I am delighted to deliver this most exciting and unique educational opportunity to the people of Vietnam.   

As the Director of the International, I am responsible for developing and delivering curricula in both our Ontario Integrated Program and Ontario International Program. Both streams offer the unprecedented educational opportunity to be immersed in the Ontario Curriculum, work toward Ontario Secondary School Credits, and study abroad. Moreover, the Ontario International Program provides the added benefit of obtaining the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, which is a gateway to a bright international academic future!  

My primary objective as the Deputy Principal is to provide a safe, secure, supportive, and inclusive learning environment for all students, so that we may improve academically through excellent instruction, state-of-the-art facilities, and extra-curricular activities.  

We pride ourselves on providing an individualized academic plan to all our students which targets growth, meets expectations, and fulfills aspirations. Data collection, tracking, and analysis inform our choices and lead to student success!   

Not only are we here to nurture and educate our students, but it is also our duty to offer support to our students’ parents. Strong stakeholder partnerships help learners thrive, so I look forward to working closely with all parents and caregivers.  

Best regards,

John Slipachenko

Mr. John Slipachenko, M.S.Ed, M.Ed
Deputy Principal & Director of International

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